Propane Tank For Generator In Portland, OR

Propane Tank Installation

If you have an all-electric home, you will need to install a large propane tank on your property in order to fuel your standby generator. We typically recommend getting a 500-gallon propane tank installed on your property.  Getting multiple 120 Gallon tanks can be a great option if you have limited space or yard.  We currently do not offer propane tank installation services.

Choosing a propane company

Some key points to consider when choosing your propane company in your area:

Choosing Propane Tank Location

When considering the installation location of your propane tank, you will need to factor in distance from the house, distance from the generator, and other small details such as septic tanks or power lines.

Your propane tank company of choice may recommend a few locations on your property that is best fit for the size of tank you need. If you have a location in mind for your propane tank, our estimator can recommend locations for your generator as well.

The Installation Process

The service company that you chose will arrive on site with the tank and the installation crew. Depending on the size of the propane tank you are installing, they will use a crane truck to unload the propane tank and place it at the desired location.

After the tank has been set and leveled, the installers will run the propane gas yard line hooking each end to the gas plumbing stub out and propane tank regulator.

If you are only getting the propane tank for a generator with no intentions of adding other appliances that will need propane as their fuel sources, our generator installation crew will take care of the gas line and the propane regulator installation at time of installation.

If not a part of the generator installation process, your propane company will check for gas leaks prior to filling the tank. Whereas during the generator installation process, the gas line will be inspected by the jurisdiction of your home to ensure that the gas line is up to code with no leaks.

Propane Tank Maintenance

Your propane company will inspect the propane tank for any damages or leaks when they go to fill the tank. Some companies will provide you with a propane tank monitoring system so that you can keep an eye on the fuel levels.

However, if they do not, it is recommended that you invest in a propane tank monitor to ensure that you will never run out of fuel. During your generator installation, our installation team can help you get set up with Tank Utility Propane Monitoring.

Gas Line Installation!

While we don’t currently install tanks; we can recommend partners and can run the propane gas lines for your Generator!

Most often we are asked to install a tank for a Generator system. The 120 gal tank below is a great size that is easy to install up against the house.

Smaller tanks are also great for Fireplaces, and cooktops, and hot water tanks.

The 500 gallon tank size is the most common. This can work great to provide extended running time for a air cooled 24kw standby generator or a 48kw liquid cooled unit.

Other customers require this size when the home’s major appliances are powered by propane. Typically this would be the furnace, Hot water tank, fireplace, and cooktop. By far the most popular size.

500 gallon tanks are often installed in pairs allowing more time between fill ups. Get a second propane tank for peace of mind that you won’t run out of fuel during the high demand winter months.

A 1000 gallon tank can provide simultaneous extended run time for multiple appliances and a generator.

Businesses with high BTU appliances may need a larger tank like this. Larger homes that want to be prepared or limit fueling intervals can purchase this size.

Track Your Propane Fuel Level With Your Phone

Oregon Generators can install a wireless LP Fuel Level Monitor to measure the amount of LP fuel remaining in your tank. The Tank Utility app alerts the user for both remaining LP fuel levels and usage reports, offering the ultimate peace of mind.

*This system is compatible with air-cooled and liquid-cooled models that utilize LP as a fuel source. The Tank Utility application is available for iOS and Android available on the Apple App store or Google play store.

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