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Kohler Power built their first generator back in 1920 with only one goal in mind: to build the best generators in the world. Every Kohler generator is quality tested from start to finish with the highest level of expectations.

Starting with the engineering and design team, there are hundreds of performance tests ran during the design process. After the design passes the inspections at Kohler, the generator enters production, where it is tested again before being sent to an authorized dealer. Kohler’s result is total reliability.

Inside every Kohler is a commercial-grade engine built to withstand extreme workloads over many years. With that durability, a Kohler generator can provide fast, reliable power when you need it most.

As an Authorized Kohler Residential Dealer, we help our Kohler Generator customers with the decision-making process of investing in a Kohler and the installation process. By choosing to go with an Authorized Residential Dealer, we offer our Kohler Generator customers the complete installation process which includes:

We offer our Kohler Generator customers the same level of service after their installation with comprehensive maintenance plans and service, repairs, and access to our after-hour emergency services if they are ever needed.

As an Authorized Residential Dealer, all our technicians have received factory direct training from Kohler ensuring that Kohler’s tedious testing is matched with an unparalleled installation team of technicians at an Authorized Residential Dealer.

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