Generator Replacement In Portland, OR

Generator Replacement

If you currently have a generator on your property, there will come a time where it will need to be replaced. Like your car or other household appliances, they will eventually need to be replaced due to age or cost to repair.

We provide our current standby generator customers or potential new customers guidance on selecting a new generator with an in-home consultation to make sure all your current power needs are met with your new replacement.

The process of getting your current standby generator replaced with a new generator model can be overwhelming. However, unlike installing a new standby generator there are other factors that impact which generator you might select to be your new generator:


The age of your generator might impact which new generator you can get. If you would like to replace your generator with one of the exact same sizing, there is a chance that the manufacturers no longer produce that size of generator.

If that is the case, our estimator will help you reassess what you want covered during an outage and help you choose the best option for your home. If you still would like the same coverage, our estimator will provide you with the closest available generator options that best fit your prior coverage.

If your generator is older but has the same size available, it is a great time to reassess your household needs during an outage to see if you could benefit from a larger or smaller generator to increase efficiency. Many see that they need to increase their generator size after 10-20 years of use due to the different power usages. However, if your current demand fits the same generator size, our estimator will be able to present a cost-effective replacement quote for you.

Cost of Repair

Many are not prepared to pay for repairs on their generator after the warranty has expired. Sometimes it is more cost effective to replace the entire generator than purchase the required warranty parts, and the labor and time required to repair the generator.

Plus, not all repairs last due to the original root of the problem being unresolved, resulting in more money spent on repairing the current generator. The majority of the time these types of repairs are a result of an underpowered generator that is powering loads larger than it can handle. Some generator sizes show this type of wear sooner, others take many years to show this type of wear.

During your estimate for a generator replacement that is as a result for cost of repair, we will factor in the reason you needed the repair in the first place. Our estimator will be able to help you through the decision-making process and select the best installation option for your home and power usages.

With generator replacements, there potentially will be the need for additional electrical work in order to help bring your current transfer switch back up to code. Therefore, permitting is required for a generator replacement.

This is important to make sure you choose a full-service generator company for your installation. Oregon Generators can help with the decision-making process, installation and permitting of your generator replacement, and annual maintenance to help protect your new investment.

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