Generator Maintenance In Portland, OR

Generator Maintenance

You’ve recently installed a new home standby generator or recently purchased a home with a standby generator already installed.

Performing annual generator maintenance is essential for automatic generators to ensure smooth operation and optimal power performance during outages.

Many standby generator owners fail to maintain their generator resulting in their generator failing to operate correctly during an outage.

Like all mechanical equipment, residential generators need comprehensive service and should be on a high standard generator maintenance plan to protect your home and investment.

We offer various generator maintenance plans because the comfort and safety of our customers is our priority.

Our generator maintenance services are performed by factory-trained and certified technicians. A typical maintenance appointment includes a general inspection and critical system services such as, but not limited to:

At a minimum, yearly maintenance is recommended for all automatic generators to keep them in top shape and operating at their optimal performance levels.

This is especially important if your generator runs for extended periods of time, such as during electrical grid upgrades that are expected to become more common in Washington State as the electrical grid continues to age and power demand continues to go up.

Without annual maintenance, you no longer have adequate peace of mind during an outage.

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