Electrical Panel Upgrades In Portland, OR

Electrical Panel Upgrades

The electric panel is the main box for your home that controls all its electrical wiring and power. Your electric panel is the heart of your home for all things electrical. It is usually located in the garage, basement, or a utility room. When you open the door to your electrical panel, you’ll see rows of breakers that control or cut-off electricity to certain circuits in the home.

These circuits are often what supply the various areas of your home with power- which is why they are labeled with the corresponding room or appliance. When an electrical surge happens in one of these circuits, it will “trip the breaker” and that switch will pop up, cutting-off voltage to that specific circuit.

Signs You need an Electrical Panel Upgrade

As technology progresses and the electrical demands of homes increase, there is an increased need for electrical panel upgrades for homeowners. Some signs of needing an electrical panel upgrade are:

Why Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

By upgrading your electrical panel, you are:

How Much Does It Cost to Update my Electrical Panel?

Pricing on electrical panel upgrades varies depending on the age of the panel, age of circuits in the panel, quantity of circuits being used, and so on. We recommend budgeting for anywhere between $4,000-$6,000 if an electrical service upgrade is not required. Some panel upgrades may result in an electrical service upgrade, as well, which can bring the total upwards of $10,000.

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