Electric Car Charging Point Installation Cost & Types

If you own or are considering purchasing an electric vehicle, you need to prepare for charging. Unlike traditional vehicles that rely on gasoline, electric vehicles must be recharged for continued use. Owners of electric vehicles have two options when in need of a charge — either install an at-home charging station for overnight use or […]

How Much Does a Backup Generator Cost?

Keeping your home or business powered during outages requires a reliable backup generator.As extreme weather events become more commonplace, having a backup generator can ensure your home or office maintains power during an outage. However, before investing in a backup generator, you must consider the cost factors influencing the generator’s final price. In this article, […]

Types of Generators

It’s important to research the types of generators that are available before making your purchase decision. There are multiple types to choose from depending on your circumstances, so whether it’s a small-scale home generator you’re looking for, or a more robust commercial one, this article will help guide you in making the right decision.  Standby […]

Kohler Vs Generac: A Detailed Comparison

With the odd changes in the climate and the unpredictable weather, strong storms and heat waves almost became the norm, and with them, power instability. Power outages disrupt our daily lives and truly underscore the need for generators, turning them from a luxury into a need.  Two names stand out in the middle of the […]